What to do one day before exam?

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7 Scientific Facts to help you for the exam tomorrow

You feel confused, under confident and unfocused- and chances are you might make a mistake that you can ACTUALLY avoid.

Tomorrow is an exam, and your stress level is sky rocketing. For the past month, studying every note, question and detail has been hard, but approaching tomorrow, you feel your brain is going to freeze and not remember anything. Team Crack it brings these 7 tips to know before that Exam.

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Tip #1: Sleep enough- Don’t disturb your body clock.


Sometimes you may think the solution to gaining more study time is sleeping less at night. But research shows, this is far from the truth. Your circadian rhythms (which influence your sleep-wake cycles, hormone releases, and other bodily functions) can take a few days to set into a rhythm.

Tip #2: Don’t try to study everything in one day


Training is all about being ready, not being done. So don’t cram the day before the test! Research shows that studying the day before the exam hurts you, because it crowds your short term memory with last minute info that can interfere with long term memory retrial or bias your decision making skills.

Tip #3: Go outdoors

Men walk in Cubban Park in central Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Asia

There are thousands of students who do not go out before exams, and shut themselves inside their rooms. But this can be a serious problem for your brain. Try walking, light jogging or cycling- your mind will be refreshed and perform better.

Tip #4:Get Recreation


As a demonstration of your determination and will power, you may have already given up television throughout the duration of your studying. Good for you—almost

Preparing for exams, can be a very rigorous mental task and sometimes it is important to have a mindless time. It will help you get your mental energy and focus back. Watch a cartoon or a sitcom.

Tip #5:Watch what you eat & drink


A lot of students make the mistake of not drinking and eating properly before the exam. I have seen the most brilliant of students faint in exam halls, and many who have had serious health problems the morning of the exams.

Take it easy! Don’t drink too much of Redbull or coffee and don’t not eat all. You need the essential nutrients when you are trying to solve that verbal reasoning question.

Tip #6:Plan about the test day


Many candidates are tempted to avoid thinking about the “day of” altogether. But there are things you need to be ready for your exams. Preparing for the test day is a great way to boost your confidence and mental readiness.

Plan out the day:

  • Where is the Centre? Where are the bathrooms in the Centre?
  • What stationery do you need?
  • How long does it takes to get there?
  • What do you want to wear?
  • What will you pack for food?

Tip #7:Think Long Term


Many feel that the exam is the last day of your future, but it’s not. You should start plans for post-exam time; it’s an easy way to keep yourself motivated: plan something fun to do after the exam. You’ll need a reward, and this can be a nice refresher from the monotony of studying. Start planning something fun with a group of friends to keep the finish line in focus. Also, it will help you not getting distracted during exams- by day dreaming.

As soon as that exam is done, you’ll be glad you planned this far ahead!

Keep calm and you’re going to Crack it !

(This anonymous post on crack it a few days ago recalls how a boy dealt with failure at IBPS PO exams)

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