5 things people don’t tell you when preparing for Civil Service examinations


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5 things people don’t tell you when preparing for Civil Service examinations

Planning to get on the civil-service-exam or any other government exam bandwagon? Then chances are you’ve already dealt with the lectures from friends, family (and not to forget, your opinionated tea stall vendor) regarding the whole affair. Before you go any further, here are some pointers that these well informed individuals may have forgotten to mention.


  1. It’s not as hard as it looks!

All right we get it, India has a variety of government examinations and it entails hours and hours of study, burning the midnight oil, fire and brimstone and all that. But does it really have to sound so tough? With the right preparation (read smart preparation) and of course the right mindset, you’ll find that an examination’s reputation is only as daunting as you allow it to be.

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  1. The power of procrastination

Ah, the bane of any well-meaning academic venture. Often, you may find yourself wasting away hours, days, weeks and even months (God forbid!) before you get down to some serious study. No matter how convenient an excuse you have (or your friends have for that matter), or how little time you have for some study – always get in your days’ worth of study. You’ll find that it pays dividends in the end.

  1. It may just get a little lonely

Nothing of worth is ever made without sacrifice. Success in the civil services examinations will be much the same. Please do go out! Go have fun, visit the family if they’re not already with you and get your deserved R and R. But at the end of day, don’t ever forget the bigger picture, and the diligent work it’s going to take to get you there.

  1. Get your hands dirty

While many of us may be enrolled in coaching centres that do much of the information collating for you, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out and stay abreast of all the latest updates and happenings. Find out things for yourself and more importantly, follow-up news and events with your own in-depth and detailed study. You’ll find yourself altogether more knowledgeable… exams or not.

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  1. Get social

Imagine a classroom discussion, only bigger, better and with far more information at your disposal. That’s what social media can do for you today. It doesn’t always have to be a distraction! Get yourself involved in dedicated Facebook groups, forums and even Whatsapp groups to better collate useful info. The odd joke and sharing of articles like this shouldn’t be too bad either.

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