5 Proofs that Internet is the Answer to Test preparation!

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Internet has always been a way for individuals to connect and share ideas on a global and public platform. Whoever or wherever you are, technology allows us to communicate ideas, information, problems and solutions with the simple click of a button. Internet and mobile connectivity is a touch away and the answer to test preparation is Internet. Here are some ways in which internet gives you that competitive edge in scaling the heights of test preparation – all on the go!

  1. Whatsapp – A dedicated Whatsapp group of fellow exam-givers is a fun and convenient way to stay updated no matter where you are. You can also sign-up to study groups moderated by Crack it.


  • Facebook – A global phenomenon, Facebook connects users from all over the country and the globe. With the help of Facebook groups and your own news feed, there’s no easier way to connect and discuss.


  • Quora – If you’ve got questions, then Quora will have the answers. Edited and corroborated answers too? Why, yes please!


  • Online forums – Imagine a classroom discussion, only much bigger and much better. Countless forums that the internet has to offer, catering to all sorts of queries, examinations and topics is a heaven for serious examination takers.


  • Test Preparation Apps –Many coaching institutes, mobile phone apps and more and more websites are offering downloadable academic content, quizzes and mock exams. Whether it is a course book or a question bank or an app focusing on a particular exam, it’s just a search away in Google.


So, let your preparation begin- on the go! :)

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