10 ways to identify a government exam aspirant


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I am preparing for all government exams? Are you?

Chances are you already know somebody who is preparing for a government examination like Bank PO, IAS or SSC or better yet, you’re one of them. Either way, there are some signs to spot the not-so-rare breed that is a competitive exam aspirant.

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  1. The know-it-all – To your amusement (or horror), the person sitting next to you or your friend  knows the one or two word answers to the most obscure and infrequently asked questions possible in ordinary human conversation.know-it-all13
  2. The Capital of whaa…? – If somebody starts quizzing you about the Capital of a country or state, stop him or her right there. Atlases are boring enough without arms and legs.feature-image-country-capitals
  3. Politics – Highly opinionated on the subject of national and state politics. Just walk away if they start discussing party manifesto in any degree of detail. 28356131.cmsDo you think you know about Politics more than others? Play Quiz on Politics on Battle of Minds
  4. Books! – Know anybody whose room now resembles a library or photocopy shop? Oh, and there are those class 8 NCERT books that you forgot ever existed.upsc2_475
  5. The coaching centre satchel or backpack – You see them everywhere, from the metro and the streets to well… the one sitting in the corner of your room? In the author’s opinion, this calls for a dedicated fashion blog._26ec8f0c-7dab-11e5-ba56-8cfa9414553d
  6. Newspapers – Much like books, you’ll find stacks of newspapers all over their room.383667-indian-newspapers
  7. The absentee – Got a friend missing at a party or get together? If he or she is as vela as you, then they’re probably guilty-studying at home. Because parties are altogether bad yes?6a00d8341c792353ef01901c48615b970b-200pi
  8. Parents – If someone’s parents have a big say in their career decisions then odds are they’re preparing for a civil service exam… or will be.main-qimg-593d2d85f6bf9fd0a37448577c62f796
  9. The Law of averages – With well over X* applicants per year, the government exams are by far one of the most competitive exams in the world. If you haven’t already a met civil service exam aspirant, no need to worry. You will… eventually.Indian10
  10. Status updates – Very similar to some of the above mentioned signs; if a Twitter or Facebook friend is constantly putting up statuses bemoaning some political shortcoming or celebrating some obscure scientific innovation or discovery (perhaps the discovery of some sort of fungi), well then…facebook-status-updateTeam Crack it recommends Battle of Minds to prepare for GK, Current Affairs, Maths & other exam topics in a fun way. Your own Brain gymnasium :)

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