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Just over a year ago, I got done with what was without doubt, the most terrifyingly uncertain time of my life. The competitive exams in the country are given by graduates and undergraduate alike, and they terrorize both groups equally. For those like me, who have crossed that barrier, life is a lot easier. Due to that, we feel a certain responsibility to help our brothers (and sisters) in-arms who are preparing for warfare.

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So, these are 10 simple life hacks which can calm the nerves, kick-start the brain, and might just help make this crazy roller coaster ride of an exam a lot less scary!

  1. The attitude: This one’s important. Going in with a nothing-to-lose attitude often brings out the best in people.  1
  2.  Eat well! Oh of course, the one recreation you can never get bored of is snacking. So, eat what you like, when you like. It helps more than any textbook ever could!  2
  3. Melodies matter : Whenever your mind feels like it’s about to explode, there’s nothing better than a good song to get it up and running. A must if you want to stay in shape, mentally!   3
  4. Strengths First You don’t need to know everything. Even knowing half the syllabus might get you through if you know it that well. Focus on your strengths and try and cover your weaknesses the best you can.giphyStudying without coaching? Download Battle of Minds to study with others for free!
  5. Don’t give in to peer pressure
    Stop looking at others, and how they are doing. Just keep doing your best. Trust me, it’s enough.  4
  6. Rest is essential!
    This is the biggest mistake students make. They sacrifice on sleep, thinking it will fetch a few extra marks. Lack of resting time impedes problem-solving and cognitive abilities. DO NOT compromise on this.   5
  7. Recreation
    A movie or an episode of a TV series, especially comedies can be the best stress busters. Even a book, or an hour of exercise can be of immense help to the mind.2
  8. Health first
    This is a combination of factors: sleep, diet and exercise. Make sure you get all 3 in proper amounts. It might seem like a good idea to not care about these, but they all add up in the long run.3
  9. Go online
    Sometimes, no number of books of teachers are going to tell you exactly what you want to know. Don’t be afraid to google it up, and then follow it up with your mentors.  6
  10. Lastly, ask for help!
    Yes, don’t be afraid to. Every great mind needed help with something at some point in life, you’re no different. If you need help, speak out, reach out. Like I said, all of it adds up.7

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A big part of beating the competitive exams comes down to how you approach it. Take it all in with a calm mind, while realizing that there are tons of other things to do in case things don’t go according to plan, and you’ll get the result you expected. These life hacks will just improve the quality of life in the time being.

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